About Us

We like the US part of that, none on here really care about skin color, gender, or religion. We embrace it all here as long as it’s connected to someone who loves this country. We have a logger, an underground miner, a pretty truck driver, and a water well driller who wants nothing more than to go back to West Africa to drill wells for the people who really need water and give it to them.

I guess we all have a personal agenda in private life. Here, we decided to focus on supporting President Trump and his MAGA agenda. Also, we will support and encourage any and all young and up-coming conservative, patriotic journalists, YouTubers and the like.  None of us here are tech savvy, we struggle greatly in this windowed world. With YOUR help we will expand and grow this site into a community of sharing and expressing patriotic values and ideas.

Come and join US, buy some products, share the site with everyone you can. Give US feedback and suggestions.  Together we will stand against the LIBTARDATION of America.

Lastly, we want to express all our gratitude and appreciation to all the modern day heroes who give US examples of True Patriotism, Integrity and “FOUNDATIONAL RESOLVE”.  Patriots.
Nuff Said: