Affiliate Program

Dear Fellow Patriots

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm TEEZER1, The Libtardteezer. I have developed the T-MAGA3 and other designs out of Inspiration I have received from our President, Donald John Trump. I believe the T-maga3 will be YUGE and truly exemplifies the effect a true Patriot as President has on America and Us. 

This is what I want to do. Share it with you and all our fellow patriots who are trying to get there, our voice out. I am offering an affiliate program that will pay 10 % of item price sales to you. That spells about 25% of the profit. You will have total access and control on how you want to participate. You choose the designs and products, the discounts and special offerings. We will have new designs, artwork monthly at a minimum, a lot to choose from. We can even make a design just for your channel, and exclusive. The Best and hardest hitting are soon to come out.

I plan to use an additional percentage of the proceeds to contribute to the groups and people in the fight and or worthy of our help. I immediately think of organizations like Judicial Watch, Upstart news channels following and sharing the REAL news like Golden State Times. So many more. Out of the affiliates participating, we will convene a board of members to share in the duties and ideas of any and all such matters. It's about US, remember. I simply cannot do it by myself.

So, I need your HELP.  

Please Join Me 

Anthony Wayne- Teezer1

Please follow the link below and join the affiliate program